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Tribe Wellness LLC offers group exercise programs steeped in evidence-based exercise interventions from the best leading research in physical therapy and exercise science. While our programs are not to be confused with individualized physical therapy services, we use ideas from the best available research to create a community experience.

Our "Tribes" are communities of learners who lend a helping hand to each other for motivation, emotional support, and fellowship. Together we push each other to new heights, living our motto, "STRENGTH in Numbers!"


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Dr. Michael Braitsch


Michael Braitsch, PT, DPT is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, a former amateur fighter, former kinesiology professor, and an internationally certified fight referee.

In addition to treating individual patients, Braitsch runs group exercise programs steeped in leading evidence from physical therapy and exercise science to help people with chronic and progressive conditions move and feel better.

He currently researches the effects of non-contact boxing training on impairments associated with PD and provides programs including SOUTH PAWS Parkinson boxing and Tai chi for balance.

As an advisory board member of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association and through work on the board of the UT Southwestern Adaptive Sports Coalition, he wants to change the way physical therapy is structured for people with chronic and progressive conditions, empowering people to better participate in community wellness.

Dr. Braitsch founded Tribe Wellness, LLC, in 2017 to promote exercise as a way to improve health, fight impairments, and increase quality of life.

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Dr. Halie Wright


Dr. Halie Wright is a graduate in Occupational Therapy and former college golf athlete from Texas Womans University. Specializing in evaluating a person's physical, cognitive, emotional, and social abilities and develop individualized treatment plans. Dr. Halie decided to pursue a career in occupational therapy because she wants to help people adapt better to their environment and live safer with their disabilities, so that they can get back to preforming everyday activities. 


Dr. Raechelle Robles


Dr. Robles is a graduate of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Texas Woman’s University in Dallas.

Raechelle (Rae) is a physical therapist who has helped us on our hiking trips in Fall 2019, as well as participated in several volunteer opportunities with the Dallas Area Parkinson Society and Parkinson Voice Project.

In her free time, Rae loves to play basketball, go on long hikes and explore new places with the company of her family and friends.

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