Group Programs

We are GRADUALLY re-introducing in-person classes in junction with web-based classes on ZOOM. 

  • Boxing classes - hybrid with in-person (limited capacity) and Zoom

  • Tai Chi - most online, some in-person at Cottonwood & Klyde Warren Parks

  • Hiking is in-person every 2 weeks - sign up here

FRIDAY Boxing IN-PERSON* and Online!

We will allow small groups in the gym ONLY on Fridays, while we figure this out. We hope to add more as time goes on, but want to start realistically and for this to be a good experience for anyone who participates. Here our our guidelines to participate in-person:


  • Capacity -  limited to 6 people- keeping it small while we figure this out

  • Registration - Must register online BEFORE class - check your email or contact us at for the sign-up link

  • MASKS – Wear them at all times. 


***We suggest that you be vaccinated BUT it is not required. ​


South Paws

South Paws Boxing Club is a research-based, non-contact boxing program designed by physical therapists. specifically intended to use principles of neuroplasticity and postural contral in an effort to improve or maintain function and quality of life for persons with Parkinson Disease.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art. Focused on slow and meditative forms, Tai Chi is known for its healthful benefits. Each class is instructed by the board certified PT and black sash instructor of Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu and Internal Arts Dr. Michael Braitsch.


Balance, Core, & More

A 60 minute, moderate-intensity class, modified to suit all fitness levels. This class will work on strengthening your core and improving your balance through functional movements. 


Peak Performers

The Peak Performers scale heights for Parkinson's Disease. This hiking group encourages use of trekking poles, a "can do" spirit to work on gait mechanics, and is also here for fun! Find out more about the next hike and join the Peak Performers.


Kung-Fu Pandas

Dr. Michael Braitsch PT, DPT teaches the ancient Chinese martial art Kung-Fu. Kung-Fu has been shown to improve agility, flexibility, strength, confidence, and much more. Open to all ages, starting at 8yr, find out more about classes dates and start times by clicking the more info button below. 



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