Frequently asked questions

What forms need to be completed before I can start?

New Client Waiver - Outlines parameters of participation and policies

Medical Clearance Form - Regular attendance and participation requires the approval of a neurologist or internal medicine doctor. If you have been seen in the past 6 months, the form should be easily filled out. If not, have them contact Dr. Michael Braitsch PT, DPT or Dr. Erin Frost PT, DPT.

Medical History Form - This will allow us to provide proper modifications if needed and to prevent other problems that might occur.

How much are classes?

The cost of each class is $15/class for non-DAPS MEMBERS. However, DAPS MEMBERS are eligible for a  discounted class fee at $10/class. If cost becomes the prohibitive factor, please let us know and we will try to make arrangements.

When do classes meet?

Do you take my insurance?

For physical therapy, we take medicare. We are currently "out of network" for many private insurers; however, we can provide you with an itemized super-bill to submit to your insurance and we can probably save you money!


Group classes are available on a self-pay basis. 

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