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Dr. Mike and his patient supporting South Paws Boxing
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Healthy Brains.


Healthy Bodies.


Fight back against aging, balance problems, arthritis, joint pain, or even neurological disorders like Parkinson's Disease with our research-backed Group Exercise programs and individualized Physical Therapy tailored to your specific needs. 

We offer Tai Chi for better balance, Yoga for improved flexibility, Hiking to work on gait mechanics, and non-contact Boxing groups to address balance, posture, and more. 

Stop fighting alone and join our Tribe!




Dr. Michael Braitsch



Tribe Member

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Our Motto:

STRENGTH in Numbers


“Strength in Numbers" means that our groups are our strength.


Exercise is medicine. It helps every organ in the body to function better. If oxygenates and excites the brain, making improved neural connections.

Exercise is the only thing that has consistently helped people with Parkinson's to slow the progression of symptoms. It also helps all of us to age better!

It's easier to exercise with a group. 

Our groups make it easy to:

  • be more consistent

  • have more fun

  • get help and give help

A strong community makes it easier to live well. Our groups help people do  better than they would on their own. 

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Supportive Community

Dr. Mike with patient
Tai Chi at Klyde Warren Park

Personalized Physical Therapy

Specialty Group Exercise

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"Mike is a tireless leader - keeps the group moving and challenges us to our limit."


Our Purpose - to help people live better lives through movement! 


We help people

  • Reduce the impact of joint pain

  • Improve balance, flexibility, and mobility 

  • We even help people manage Parkinson Disease symptoms, to move better, and to feel better.

Our "tribes" are groups or people who share a similar purpose: to help each other and help themselves.  They do this under expert guidance. 

Our groups use leading exercise and physical therapy research along with expert instruction by Doctors of Physical Therapy who specialize in improving balance impairments, problems with walking, and even neurological disorders such as Parkinson Disease. 

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Office Phone:   214.702.6559

Office Fax:   469.779.1064


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